Learn How To Get a Website That Generates And CLOSES Qualified Leads

We created ClickBaron to give sophisticated AI driven websites to our customers which CONVERT INBOUND Leads to SALES with the most comprehensive dashboard in the industry.

A digital marketing partner our customers can count on

Our Unique Platform Creates High Converting Landing Pages and Funnels. You get To Control The Way Customers Interact With Your Business Online

Too many websites are static billboards and do not create revenue opportunities and they don’t offer all of the terrific features that Ai creates: text, chat, customer tracking, ability to edit your own text. That’s why we created ClickBaron–here’s how your website can Generate Leads.

  • Learn to communicate with your customers who visit your website

  • Use our system to automatically track your leads

  • Don’t pay extra to change the text on your website, our dashboard gives you the power

Develop Content – Upload – Launch

Gone are the days of websites that take months, Cost way too much and Lose Potential Customers

Most websites are clearly not built for conversion. Our websites use the most advanced technology available. The results are swift and sophisticated. There is no reason to spend thousands on website development.

You Control the Content

You have access to your website’s dashboard so you can make edits at any time. No more time consuming expensive edits using a third party.

Easy Lead Nurturing

Automatically respond and track your leads in one place.

Comprehensive Analytics and Reports in your Dashboard.

Easily track all of your leads in one place. Know Where your customers are in the sales pipeline AND watch them interact on your site.

Booking and Customer Communication are Automated.

Use texting, social media DMs, and voice messaging

Elevate your lead generation with a ClickBaron websiteElevate your lead generation with a ClickBaron website

Your Digital Marketing Partner

Our customers rely on us to help them with their digital marketing needs

As a ClickBaron customer, you have access to constantly updating technology on your website and monthly access to our digital marketing professionals who will offer advice on any topic that helps your digital marketing efforts.

data & analytics

How small businesses can use Google Analytics to their advantage.

content planning

How your web content can help you achieve better search results.

sales management

How you can use an app to simply and effectively track all of your leads and respond in real time.

Free Resources

Business Tips

Some ClickBaron content is accessible only to customers, we also provide free resources to small businesses and individuals in all areas of digital marketing.

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